Saturday, 7 March 2015

Get paid even by installing Apps with mCent

Yes, you can earn money by installing & using apps on your Android smartphone. There are many apps that offer this type of service, but I would recommend mCent as it offers the highest money for installing apps.

To get money, you've to install mCent first on your android smartphone. Open this link in your smartphone if you are currently browsing this page on your laptop/desktop. You will be redirected to Google Play Store. Click on "Install" there. Fill your details & proceed further.
Mobile number is required to confirm your identity & prevent duplicate accounts being made by people. It is also required as when you earn some money, you can recharge on this number. 

You will see lots of offers like these:
Before you go ahead & click on any offer, I would like to inform you that mCent has two types of offers:
  1. Type-1: In which you have to just install the app & may have to make an account, & you will get money in your mCent account within an hour.
  2. Type-2: In this, you have to install the app, do the steps that are written in instructions, & have to keep the app installed for 7 days, & last MOST important step: open mCent after about 7 days so that mCent can verify that you have the app installed (not deleted).
Before starting any offer, you must read the instructions. After you start any offer, you will see it's status in "In Progress" tab. When you complete an offer, you'll get a push-notification on your phone within an hour.

When will you NOT get any money for installing an app?

  • You have installed the app sometime before on your device.
  • You have not completed the instructions: like making an account, like posting an ad on quikr/olx, etc.
  • You are using another phone/tablet, but using your same mCent account.
  • You are using your own phone but have made a different account on mCent & trying to fool mCent.
  • Sometimes(very rare) it happens that you do not get money even after following the instructions. In this case, you can contact them & they will respond to your query.

Refer to your Friend & get Money :-))

You will get a hefty amount: Rs.35 for each of your friend who installs mCent on his phone/tablet using your unique link. You can generate this link by following the steps mentioned in the above picture.

2 Conditions for you to get Referral money:

  1. Your friend should install mCent from your link only. If he/she installs it directly by searching in the play store, then you will get no money.
  2. Your  friend should complete 1 offer & should have got money for the same. Then you will automatically get money for referring to your friend.

What to do if I want to recharge on another number?

mCent offers an option to add a mobile number. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile containing a code. Enter the code & now you can recharge on this number also.

If you have any queries on how to get money by installing apps through mCent app, you can leave your comments below.
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