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Improve your Grammar for free with Grammarly

This article is going to be my first article in the series of tech-related topics. How technology can save your time, can make you more productive, & most importantly: save you from embarrassment from poorly using grammar. If you type a lot of emails daily, or your work involves a lot of writing, then you should continue reading this article. is much more advanced than a simple spell-checker offered by your browser, or the built-in spell-checker of Microsoft Word.
To a normal spell-checker, it won't make a difference as long as you type the words correctly. For eg. it won't suggest better one out of: it's & its, there & their. Grammarly  also offers correct punctuation. Grammarly can do contextual corrections. Here are some examples:

    • Incorrect: Its a good color.
    • Correct: It's a good color.

    • Incorrect: Don't judge a book by it's cover.
    • Correct: Don't judge a book by its cover.

    • Incorrect: Is this book good to read.
    • Correct: Is this book good to read?

    • Incorrect: I like this color to.
    • Correct: I like this color too.

    • Incorrect: I will discuss about the details later.
    • Correct: I will discuss the details later.

    • Incorrect: Should I go their?
    • Correct: Should I go there?

    • Incorrect: Why did you painted it blue?
    • Correct: Why did you paint it blue?

    • Incorrect: "Come here" said John.
    • Correct: "Come here," said John.

    • Incorrect: For years I had the same old mobile.
    • Correct: For years, I had the same old mobile.

    • Incorrect: What are you upto?
    • Correct: What are you up to?
All these errors were detected by my free plan of Grammarly is much more powerful than how it has corrected the above sentences.

Do I have to pay some price to use Grammarly? offers 2 types of plans:
  1. Free Plan
  2. Subscription Plan (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly)

Free Plan:

There is no compulsion to buy a subscription plan, & you can continue with a free plan for your whole life. The free plan still offers a lot of features, that no other company can offer you & with so  much ease & intuitiveness. also offers a chrome plugin which is quite handy. You don't need to open up just to check for corrections. After you install the free plug-in, just start typing & you'll see a small G button & it will display the number of mistakes. Just click the G button & you'll be taken to Grammarly website & the best feature is: after making the corrections, there is a button to go back, & you will be redirected to where you're typing earlier & corrected text will be typed. Seamless transition. Awesome. Click on the screenshots below to see a clearer image.

One more feature I love is the option to disable Grammarly for a particular website, right from the chrome plug-in. See the below image:

I'm amazed that a company can offer so much for free. I've corrected all the articles on this blog for grammatical mistakes with Grammarly. Now I can write with more confidence that my articles will be better than if I had not used Grammarly. I can say that now I can devote more of my mind to content rather than being distracted by thinking about grammar.

Subscription Plan:

I haven't subscribed to their plan, so  I can't describe how Grammarly makes my experience better. But it has lots of advanced & promising features:

  • The best feature is Microsoft Office Add-in: This means a lot. This means that you can make grammatically correct word documents & send corrected emails, without manually opening your browser!
  • Over 30 document types supported: This feature seems to be very promising. Every document is different, is it a social blog post, formal email, or a journal article, every type of article requires different narration style.
  • Professional Proofreading: This is mind-boggling. According a Grammarly, a professional proof-reader is ready to check our documents on-the-spot.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: This feature will help improve our english usage significantly. This is a feature that may make you feel after few years like, "I don't require Grammarly anymore! I'm an expert now."
  • Over 250 new, premium checks: Whereas free version performs about 100 grammatical checks.
  • Plagiarism Checker: It can save you from possible consequences of copyright content, will determine if your current article falls in that category. Bloggers will find it useful.
  • More Features: There may be more features. One of them is definitely: Brevity or wordiness in your usage. Eg. "The company was denied loan due to the fact that its credibility was poor,". See its shorter version: "The company was denied loan because its credibility was poor."
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied within 7 days of purchasing your first subscription plan, then Grammarly offers a no-hassle, money back guarantee.

Should I buy a subscription plan?

I feel their monthly or quarterly plans don't offer much value, but their annual plan currently costs just less than $12 per month (billed annually). My recommendation is that a person who do a lot of emails daily, or if their work involves a lot of writing, then they must subscribe to an annual plan. It will help in increasing the reputation of their company for the long run. If you are passionate to improve your English, then buy a premium plan as you'll get premium features listed above & vocabulary enhancer will help you the most.
Or don't want to spend money now or first want to test it. No problem. Just install their Chrome plug-in & make an account for a good "synced" user-experience. Rather try it before outright purchasing the premium plan.

If you have any problems using Grammarly, or you want to share how Grammarly improved your English or how you are using Grammarly, comment below this article. Thanks.

P.S.: Using any online service, whether it's cloud storage or social networking or even Gmail, you intentionally or unintentionally give them your usage data, & the company may use it anonymously for improving their products. So either use all or don't use anyone.
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